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Santa Balls 2

Christmas Elf Game

Work your brain in this interesting elf game. It is a slightly 'season based' game that offers you a chance to really plan your moves. I have seen it in other versions, some with Easter eggs, others with plain coloured balls, but this is the Christmas edition (with the very sacred title...)

Aim of the Game

Basically, what you have do to is to turn the Christmas balls so they make lines with at least three in a row with the same colour or pattern. When you succeed in that, you will get points while the balls disappear. The remaining balls are going to slide down to fill up the gaps and hopefully create a new bunch of lines.


If you have a problem with finding possible turns, you can always have a look at the bottom, where you can see how many possible switches that are left.


There is also a risque that you will run out of matches. In that case you can use the ball juggler to mix the balls and make new possibilities. Be prepared on getting pissed because of the annoying little elf who never ceases to drop rude lines to make you feel like a total loser.