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Tanks - Fun Multiplayer

Multiplayer War

This is a less aggressive form of bloody war that allows you to, in a friendly manner of course, fire big bombs on you friends' tanks. In the stormy and hot desert, in the wining winds of the cold glaciers, or in the green and dark forest, it is up to you where you wantthe battle to begin.


You move your tank with the ususal keys. To optimate every shot, you can decide from what angle you want to fire the shot and what power you want to have when you fire the bomb.

What to observe

It is important to check out in what direction the wind is blowing. If it happens to be a headwind, there is a great risque that you will accidently blow up your own vehicle.
When using the volcano bomb, a lot of smaller bombs explode around the great one, and if you are not careful, it will blow up you too.
You have a restricted amount of fuel that can run out.


In the beginning, you can choose what colour you want your tank to be in.
Also, after each battle, you earn points that transform in to dollars. Use them to buy new weapons and ammo!
Good luck!