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Orca Slap

Penguin and yeti game

This games is one in the exploding category penguin games. As so often before, the penguins are accompagnied by a big white and extremely hairy yeti, big foot, sasquatch or whatever you like to call it.
As usual the graphics are excellent and the 3D-animated creatures are a joy for the eye.

Hybrid between classics

The games is a kind of mix between clay pigeon shooting and classic dart. When the signal is given, the penguin jumps into the ice cold water and swim over to the slightly stranded killer whale. Then, the killer whale gives the penguin a slap with its tail so that the penguin flies up in the crystal blue sky. The aim is to hit the penguin with a snowball and try to come as close to the bull's eye, that's painted on the ice block, as possible.

Beat yourself or a friend

The closer you get to the middle, the higher points you win. You don't have any given opponent, but you can always try to beat your own record or compete against a friend.