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Popping Penguin Game

In this odd game, a mix between action, penguin, and puzzle, you have a penguin placed in some sort of a canon. In front of it, lines of coloured balls are passing, Behind the lines you can see food, for example the popular 'Arctic blue cheese'. Naturally, it is very difficult to find food in the harsh polar climate. With other words, the little black and white bird is desperate for somthing to eat. Well, why catch fish like the other bores?

Pop it good

The gun is loaded with a ball in a certain colour, which changes from time to time. To create a hole in the lines that keep you away from the delicious food, you have to fit in the ball in the canon among the others so there are three in a row with the same colour. When you have done that, the balls will explode, leaving a hole. You need to be quick, because the lines keep on moving all the time, and you only have a limited time.


Some of the balls contain a form of bonus, like some extra time or an extra life. Try to aim for them because the bonuses are indeed very useful.