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Seal Bounce

Yeti Sports

This is another part of the yeti sports series. In this one, the task is to throw penguins, carefully deep frozen as some sort of anaesthesia, as high up in the sky as possible. The yeti stands on a little raft and picks up the penguins from the water. To let them go, you push the mouse button. The the yeti starts swinging the penguin over his head. To release it you just let up the button.

Arctic flipper

When the penguin tries to reach the sky, it do so between two gigantic ice blocks. On the sides, there are seals sitting in openings. When the penguin comes too close to a seal, the seal smacks it so it rises higher. That makes the game similar to some sort of weird flipper game.

Aim of the game

In this game, you do not have an opponent. Instead of that, you compete against yourself or a friend. The game will note the total movement that each penguin accomplish, and how high it reaches.