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Spank The Frank

Penguins and Christmas Elves game

What happens when you let the 'shy and always used in horrible games' penguins meet the vicious Christmas elves in an online game like this? As always, the penguins are used and the elves are annoying.
This time, the Christmas Elves have come up with a tradition, Spank the Frank. Frank is the general name on all the poor penguins.

Spank it good

The way of the game is as follows: The penguins slip down the little tunnel and stand in front of the spanker. Then you spank them with a flat baseball bat so they fly. The aim is to hit the balloons to the right. As the game continues, the more and more dangerous things come flying that you have to avoid if you don't want your Frank to become a bloody mess. You have 30 seconds to spank as many Franks as possible, without sending them to a snowy grave. When you, accidently of course, have executed too many Franks (you can see the limited amount of lives in the right corner) the game is over.


To make your spanks stronger, use the mouse. If you double click; the Frank flies higher, and even higher if you triple click.
The last seconds you can hear a signal.