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Red Beard

Platform game by the sea

You are in the shape of a funny looking man with a big red beard who by some weird reason runs around inside a big bubble. The bubble makes it possible for the little man to breathe under water, but the time is limited and to avoid suffocation you have to get up before it has run out and you suffer a painful death.


To get on with the game, Red Beard has to collect the "pearls" in different colours. When picking them up, the platforms start moving and you can jump between them. Each platform connect with the colour on the "pearl" and you can collect more than one at the same time. When finishing each level you get a yellow "pearl".


If you are eager to continue to the next level, it will be easier if you can figure out in what order to pick the "pearls". Sometimes you have to have many at once in the same colour.


The platforms are some times slippery and it is easy to fall down. Also, you have to watch out for the big waves that threatens to sweep you away.