roliga gratis spel online


Open your mouth and say "Baah"

The funny sheep are lost and long home to their online hems. The obstacles are a big and dangerous road where fast cars can turn your wolly little body into a bloody mess, and a deep and stormy canal (and the sheep do not know how to swim).


You only have 30 seconds to guide the little sheep to the right side, and on the way many challenges have to be defeated. To begin with, a big road filled with cars eager to smash your skin and bones into pieces needs to be passed. Then you think you are safe, but at any time some kind of chopper comes speeding, shouting "Coming through". Then, there is the channel. Jump from the things that are floating, without falling into the water. Finally, you have reached your goal. Now, all you have to do is to jump in to the pastures.

Watch out

When you have reached the higher levels, wolves will sometimes appear in the hems and eventually eat the innocent sheep if you happen to push it in to the open mouth of the wolf. The speed on the rafts and the cars will increase, and the combinations will be harder to follow.


It is wise to carefully study the traffic before attempting to trespass the highway. Do not forget to use the back key to back to avoid being killed by a car, or missing a raft.